Khamis, Oktober 02, 2008


I can't write well in English but I must keep on practising in order to make my English fluent. In fact, I will take IELTS here. I need to pass it with flying colours.

I have read an essay which written by my friend. I think it's about myself too. so, I post that essay here. Hope enjoy reading it!


This is a true story of mine. Honestly, freedom to me is a very important thing in my life. I seldom have my own freedom. I don't know why. I always want many allowances in my life. Especially during the school life. Everyday I think and think again, about the same thing; freedom!

Since I stepped my foot in the secondry school, I was so happy being an ordinary student. But then, when the moment I was appointed to be a prefect, everything was gone. I love to be a school police, but the post grabbed my freedom. Until now, I still own the desire to have some peace. However, thank God because I am in a good condition.

You know, in my school, I have many friends and enemies as well. Friends make me happy each moment I spend my time with them. In contrast, enemies bring sadness and restless to me whenever they voice out their critics or by their behaviours. I really hate being like that. Sometimes, I always wait and wait the time I will free to do anything I like.

Sometimes, I try to be in the positive way, the right road towards my target, which is to excel in all aspects I am in. The main business, academic. I am trying to free myself from thinking negatively. I know all of these are for my own sake. I have to give all my efforts in order to fulfill the teacher's trust.

Why I said that I have no freedom?. Being a prefect is not an easy job to be done. We need to be a role model to all students in the school. Our main job is tu curb the disobedient among the students. So, we are the first one who must set ourselves free from any huge mistakes. It's not easy to do that!. I am also an ordinary person, not a complete and perfect human being.

I could see my others friends having their own freedom by doing anything they like, anything they want but I can't. I can't do something that will make others lost their raspect to me. So, I am stuck by rules and regulations. I have to alert all the dos and don'ts or not I might be in the hot soup. I do not bear to face it, trust me!

Well, I think all of that had made me a very wise person ( I think) in my life although I do not have freedom in this school. I should remind myself that this life has to be continued and all of these are the tests from God to know my patience here before I go further in the future. Insya Allah.

Rakan-rakan sekumpulan semasa Kursus Kepimpinan Ketua Pelajar SBP 2007.
Apa khabar ya mereka sekarang?

Aidilfitri 2008.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Teringat aq kt azizul rahman

Syafiq Haziq berkata...

klu ko ad post yg best2 n bley shre ko lk skali kt blog kelip2 2..
tq btw.. selamat ari raye..

S.Y.U.K. berkata...

anonymous: pun teringat gk kt cikgu azizul bahasa melayu SAKTI...

syafiq hazid: ok, nanti akan diusahakan

Tanpa Nama berkata...

ko mmg KP pun..
bangga aku ada kwn KP..

S.Y.U.K. berkata...

jeng jeng jeng @ eea:

aq ni KP yg biasa2 je..

thalhah berkata...

freedom-live your life to the fullest~

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